Tuesday, July 9, 2024

AlabamaBowling.Com to Shut Down

I started AlabamaBowling.Com on September 1, 1999.  Now, 25 years later, on September 1, 2024, I will be shutting the web site down.  

I am now retired from my job as a network engineering and operations manager.  I am about to start my 50th year of sanctioned bowling.  I no longer wish to maintain a web site.  The Internet is changing and it's services and functions are passing me by.  I do not participate in social media.  I never had a Facebook account or anything similar.  I was old school.  You just didn't put all that information about yourself on the Internet.  Now, you have to watch out for and fight against other companies doing that on your behalf.  

As I mentioned, the Internet is changing.  A more interactive type service(s) are now available to bowlers with YouTube videos, social media groups and other technologies to exchange information, ball reviews, tournament viewing, results, and statistical information to aid in your game and viewing enjoyment.  I started this web site to consolidate all bowling information in Alabama. I never accomplished that goal, but came close.  As others wish to show their creativity and publish their information, this site is no longer needed.  There is so much more bowling information on the web now than existed 25 years ago.  

In summary, I no longer want to keep up learning about new technologies and ways to provide content.  I have other things to do.  I probably look at more golf club reviews than bowling ball reviews.  I no longer try to keep up with all the bowling ball releases.  I simplified my approach.  I go to my local pro show, tell them what I am expecting in a ball reaction for a specific situation and listen to their advice. Basically, what I do when I buy golf clubs.  

Thank you to all the supporters of AlabamaBowling.Com through the years.  I hope I was your introduction to bowling web sites and you leaped forward to all the new services out there for your bowling Internet entertainment and education.  It was a fun.

Joey Pirani

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